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Where Is Umaro Foods From Shark Tank Today?
By Nick Johnson
Often enjoyed fresh from the pan alongside a pile of scrambled eggs, bacon is equal parts fatty, crispy, and delicious, but there are quite a few folks out there who, for one reason or another, don’t eat bacon. For those people, there’s Umaro’s bacon, which has exploded onto the scene, even securing a sizable "Shark Tank" investment along the way.
Umaro Foods co-founders Beth Zotter and Amanda Stiles pitched an alternative to bacon, made out of protein derived from ocean seaweed, on Season 13, Episode 18 of "Shark Tank." They eventually settled with investor Mark Cuban, who was given a 7% stake in the company in exchange for $1,000,000.
Umaro Foods secured an additional $3 million in investments from several sources with the help of venture capital firm AgFunder, and received more investment from NBA superstar Chris Paul, who has been vegan since 2019. Umaro's bacon can be enjoyed at Nashville’s D'Andrews cafe, San Francisco's Michelin-starred Sorrel, and New York City's Egg Shop, or you can purchase cases online.