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Where Is Sap! Maple From Shark Tank Today?
By Arianna Endicott
Cousins Chas Smith and Nikita Salmon created Sap! Maple Soda entirely from carbonated Vermont maple sap without any added sugar or water. The two were invited to make an appearance on "Shark Tank" via a direct website message from one of the show's assistants, and they decided to take a chance and pitch their products to the Sharks.
Appearing in the series in Season 9, Episode 21, Smith and Salmon offered the investors a 12% stake in the company in exchange for a $600,000 investment. Robert Herjavec said he could provide the money, but he wanted a 30% stake instead. Smith and Salmon countered the offer with 20%, but this was denied and they ultimately walked away without a deal.
Despite walking away without a deal from the Sharks, business reportedly boomed for Sap! after the product's appearance on "Shark Tank,” thanks to the benefit of national publicity. Sap! received over $100,000 in new online sales within 10 days of the show airing, and the business now offers more purchasing options, including seltzers and sparkling waters.