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Where Is Salad Sling From Shark Tank Today?
By Nico Danilovich
Salad Sling is a machine-washable and reversible cloth with a space-saving design and waterproof material that helps keep salad greens dry.
However, when its inventor Jill Visit’s attempted to strike a deal for her impressive product on Season 12 of “Shark Tank,” it was unfortunately met with cold shoulders.
Kevin O'Leary recommended Visit quit while she was still ahead. Daymond John thought people would buy the product, try it once, and then never think about it again.
Robert Herjavec dismissed the concept as trivial, and Mark Cuban didn't think Visit had a long-term plan. Lori Greiner felt the market wasn't large enough to bring a partner into.
Two years later, it appears that neither side was completely right. Salad Sling continues to sell its namesake product on its website, along with a new mini version.
Those same products are also available on Amazon, where they average four-or-five-star ratings. Salad Sling has found its niche but, unfortunately, that's about it.