Vegan vegetarian Plant based chicken breast served with mashed potato.
Where Is Project Pollo From Shark Tank Today?
By Arianna Endicott
Project Pollo, founded by Lucas Bradbury, offers high-quality products in a convenient, affordable takeout format meant to encourage customers to try plant-based meat alternatives. Bradbury came to “Shark Tank” in Season 13, Episode 24, seeking $2.5 million for just 5% of the company, and ultimately wound up walking away with no deal.
Barbara Corcoran had been concerned that the business was growing too fast, and sadly for Project Pollo, she was right. The rapid growth Project Pollo experienced before their “Shark Tank” appearance wasn’t sustainable, and several locations ultimately had to close down, though Bradbury states he is going to implement "virtual kitchens" through partnership kitchens.
Unfortunately, Bradbury’s hopes for exclusively serving plant-based meat weren’t sustainable, either — he launched Side Chicks, which serves real chicken versions of Project Pollo's food, in February 2023. Bradbury also revealed that Project Pollo was in the process of partnering with national brands and that he hoped to see its products on menus nationwide in the future.