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Where Is Peekaboo Ice Cream From Shark Tank Today?
By Crystal Antonace
Miami-based businesswoman Jessica Levison created Peekaboo Ice Cream in 2018, intending to make ice cream a little more nutritious by providing an adequate serving of vegetables in the dessert. While Peekaboo Ice Cream had seen significant success since debuting, Levison headed to "Shark Tank" looking for a large investment in her unique confection.
Though she didn’t receive a deal from the sharks, Levison added two more flavors to the Peekaboo lineup in 2020. The brand also won a real California milk food contest later that year, which allotted the brand $200,000 to develop snack-size containers of her successful veggie-packed ice cream flavors.
While the brand was going strong in 2020, the last post featured on Peekaboo’s Instagram was posted in December 2021, and the store locator tool has been disabled on their website. Unfortunately, it seems you can't purchase Peekaboo products on Amazon as of now either, and there is no clear answer whether or not the company is still up and running.