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Where Is Paleo Diet Foods From Shark Tank Today?
By Nico Danilovich
Entrepreneur Shauna Sledge is the founder of Paleo Diet Foods, LLC, which sells protein bars that are in line with the Paleo diet. She came to “Shark Tank” seeking $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity, but unfortunately, none of the judges were very enthusiastic about the product, and Sledge walked away without a deal.
Soon after her TV appearance, Sledge revealed that her company later launched two new formulas with less sugar (one major point of dissatisfaction for the judges) and even stated they were going international. Sledge resigned from her dental hygienist and fitness instructor positions in order to free up all her time to focus on Paleo Foods.
Sledge's LinkedIn shows she is now the former owner of Paleo Diet Foods, a tenure which ended in 2016, and she has evidently returned to her two jobs. In 2019, she became the owner of Corejuv, a business producing CBD salves, lotions, gels, and tinctures, which still seems to be going strong.