A top-down view of a wooden table with three tasting palettes each containing three small glasses of beer. Hands and arms are shown holding two of the glasses. Local craft brewery.
Where Is MobCraft Beer From Shark Tank Today?
By Stacie Adams
Craft beer is a lucrative market to tap into, and that’s exactly what Henry Schwartz wanted to accomplish when he presented MobCraft Beer on Season 7 of “Shark Tank.” MobCraft Beer uses a crowd-sourcing model to create beer flavors, but shark Kevin O’Leary questioned the need for a dedicated brewing facility, leading to Schwartz leaving without a deal. 
Even though MobCraft didn’t strike a deal on “Shark Tank,” today it has taprooms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Denver, Colorado, along with proposed taproom locations in Waterford, Wisconsin, and Woodstock, Illinois. Additionally, the company's crowdsourcing model is still alive and well, as craft beer fans are encouraged to submit their recipes to be voted on by others.
When it comes to its online presence, MobCraft Beer’s Facebook and Twitter pages are updated regularly. As for Schwartz, his LinkedIn profile lists him as the owner and founder of MobCraft Beer, a position he’s proudly held for over a decade.