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Where Is Lulu Bang From Shark Tank Today?
By Garth Clingingsmith
Founded by Kelly, Jorrae, and Ashley Beard, Lulu Bang is a barbecue sauce and marinade business that came to “Shark Tank” seeking financial help. Looking for a $150,000 investment for 10% equity in the company, they were forced to leave without a deal, as the judges felt the high costs and laborious effort likely wouldn't be worth the investment.
Sadly, Lulu Bang has not grown at nearly the rate that the founders hoped, though you can still find their sauces in over 125 Walmarts (mostly in Mid-Atlantic states) and some ShopRite locations in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Their price per bottle has risen from $3.99 to $5, which is actually still at the low end of the average price of bottled sauces.
The company made the switch from glass jars to plastic bottles, which spoke to the Sharks’ concern about how heavy and fragile glass can be to ship. If you aren’t near one of the store locations that Lulu Bang sells their sauces in, you can order two bottles, including "Asian Persuasion," "Bourbon Marinade," "BBQ Fusion," or "It's Just Hot!" for $10 on their site.