Where Is Handy Pan From Shark Tank Today?
By David Tran
Handy Pan may look like a regular cooking pan, but with a push of a button, it transforms into a strainer which gets rid of unwanted grease and water. The clever invention is the brainchild of childhood friends and entrepreneurs Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway, who brought the invention to Season 13 of “Shark Tank.”
Chaudry and Conway sought $10,000 for 20% equity, but the Sharks were displeased and confused that Handy Pan had just over $7,900 in sales prior to appearing on the show. Chaudry explained that the sales were strictly coming from their website and admitted that Handy isn't available to purchase on Amazon.
Even though Kevin O’Leary didn’t think the pan was sellable, Lori Greiner disagreed with his assessment and decided to give the entrepreneurs a chance. According to Techie + Gamers, Handy pan quickly sold out of its products, and since the episode aired, the price skyrocketed from $29 to $69.99.
However, it seems that the website is still the only place to buy the Handy Pan, as it is still not sold on Amazon, and it’s still unclear if it’s sold in retailers. It also doesn’t seem like Chaudry and Conway have made any attempts to boost Handy Pan's social media presence, apart from a sparsely updated Facebook page.