Stock beer splash on a dark background.
Where Is Fizzics From Shark Tank Today?
By Arianna Endicott
David McDonald and Philip Petracca founded Fizzics, a device to make bottled and canned beer taste like it's been on tap. In 2016, they took Fizzics to the "Shark Tank" floor in the Season 8 premiere, seeking $500,000 in exchange for 4% equity in the company, eventually striking a deal with Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner, who gave them a $2 million investment for 16%.
However, Fizzics hit a bit of a rough patch after their "Shark Tank" appearance, as in 2019, Fizzics Group LLC filed for bankruptcy reorganization. The company was able to recover with a debt restructuring and reorganization plan in 2020, and today Fizzics is selling its third-generation product, the DraftPour portable home beer dispenser.
It's unclear if the Sharks still have any involvement in the company — Blue Water Ventures Two LLC, owned by Greiner, reportedly wanted $75,775 of commissions from Fizzics back in 2019, which Fizzics disputed when it filed for bankruptcy (via APP.). However, the company still broadcasts that the product is "As Seen on Shark Tank" on its homepage.