Where Is Cropsticks From Shark Tank Today?
By David Tran
As practical and accessible as chopsticks are, they can be quite detrimental to the environment, as about 3.8 million trees are killed annually to produce about 57 million wooden chopsticks. Mylen Yamamoto sought to solve this problem when she invented Cropsticks, disposable bamboo chopsticks with a built-in rest.
Mylen Yamamoto appeared on Season 8 of "Shark Tank" to ask for $75,000 in return for a 12.5% stake in her company, but all the Sharks quickly dropped out. Despite this disappointment, things have been looking up for Cropsticks in the years since its TV appearance.
Cropsticks’ product line now includes bamboo straws, reusable chopsticks, and sustainable planters, and the company is a certified B Corp company, meaning it has met the highest standards for social and environmental performance. The brand also partnered with Chop Value to implement a pilot upcycling program in Los Angeles to create products from used chopsticks.