Burger combo with cheeseburger hamburger, take away beverage straw glass and disposable french fries in kraft paper box on dark wood table background
Where In The US Can You Find The Cheapest Fast Food Combos?
By Taylor Huang
Besides providing a sense of comfort, fast food meals aren't too heavy on the wallet, making them extremely attractive to students and as a source of late-night food. Pretty much all fast food is cheap, but you’ll have to head to the Midwest to find the cheapest of the cheap.
There are many fast-food restaurants that serve all different kinds of food, making the award of “cheapest combo” a bit hard to pin down. However, for a typical order of burger, fries, and soda, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has the lowest rate.
The burger combination costs an average of $6.55 across Tulsa, much less than cities like Atlanta ($9.36 per combo) or New York ($9.52 for a burger alone). Therefore, it might be worthwhile to head to Oklahoma for a low-costing bite.