Many roasted coffee beans flying on white background
Where Does Costco's Kirkland Brand Coffee Originate?
By Elaina Friedman
Costco is pretty transparent about the origins of its Kirkland Signature-branded coffee beans, as they are produced by Starbucks, Rogers Family Co., and other recognizable brands.
Kirkland coffee producers get their beans from more than one part of the world. Depending on the roast, you might see labels from Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and beyond.
Starbucks makes many of Kirkland’s coffees, including its Espresso Blend and medium-roast House Blend, popular for its rich flavor and body, non-acidic profile, and low cost.
Rogers Family Co. produces Costco's Kirkland Signature Colombian Supremo Coffee in the Andes Mountains. It has been described as having a subtle taste and aroma.
Kirkland Signature coffee is certified by Fair Trade America and is primarily made with Arabica beans, the dominant cultivar that comprises over half of global coffee production.