A Big Mac placed on a table at a McDonald's outlet.
Where Can You Find The Most Expensive McDonald's Big Mac In The Country?
By Nick Johnson
McDonald's Big Mac is usually considered to be a cheap choice for a quick meal, but it could still cost you a good bit depending on where you are. Today, the Big Mac generally costs 40% more than it did a decade ago, and there is so much disparity in its prices across the U.S. that a website, McCheapest, was created to track the cheapest and the most expensive ones.
According to the website, the cheapest Big Mac costs $3.49 and is available at a McDonald's in Stigler, Oklahoma, whereas the most expensive Big Mac costs a staggering $8.09 and is available in Lee, Massachusetts. There could be several reasons behind such a high price, including Lee’s high cost of living, which is 10% higher than the national average.
Additionally, this particular McDonald's exists at a toll road rest stop, which means that its customer base is far from flush with fast food options. However, the tool revealed that a McDonald's operating only a few hundred feet from the location in Lee sells the burgers for $6.69, which sheds light on just how wild the price variations could get.