When You're Short On Sandwich Bread, Look To Your Freezer
By Chase Shustack
As an essential building block to any good sandwich, it can be a real inconvenience when you open your pantry and find yourself fresh out of bread. While some may turn to a conventional lettuce wrap or even rice paper wraps as a bread substitute, there’s an option that may work better, even if it’s a little out of the box.
With its minimal flavor unable to interfere with any toppings you choose to add, waffles are a surprisingly great substitution for the bread in your sandwich. The 'waffle sandwich' has been popularized for a long time, and today it is utilized in numerous restaurants, such as the fried chicken and waffle sandwich from Bruxie in California.
You can take it one step further and add shredded cheese to make a "cheesy waffle" to add a new layer of flavor to your sandwich. Andrew Rea also shares the concept for the "cheesy potato waffle," which is made from shredded cheese and leftover potatoes or stuffing that pairs with turkey for a thanksgiving-style creation.