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When Does Bob Evans Stop Serving Breakfast?
By Cynthia Anaya
There are only about 500 Bob Evans locations in 18 states, but the American farmhouse kitchen still managed to earn nearly $400 million in revenue nationwide in 2021. Most Bob Evans locations are open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., but for how much of that time does the restaurant serve breakfast?
Bob Evans’s founder, Robert Lewis Evans, was delighted when customers raved about the homemade sausage at his restaurant The Sausage Shop, and it eventually became a popular side item for Bob Evans' breakfast meals. The popularity of the sausage may be part of the reason that the franchise serves breakfast all day.
Bob Evans is just one of many restaurants in the U.S. that serves breakfast all day, as both Denny’s and Waffle House serve breakfast all 24 hours of the day. Some fast-food restaurants also serve breakfast all day, but the menu is typically limited during lunch hours compared to the standard breakfast menu.