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What's The Shelf Life On Those Giant Tubs Of Peanut Butter Pretzels?
By Brianna Corley
From Target to Sam's Club, grocers across the U.S. have long housed gallons brimming with tiny, peanut butter-filled pretzels, and most of these tubs contain 44 ounces or 41 servings of the snack. The high pretzel content and low prices of these tubs may have made them a staple for many, but whether you'll be able to eat all those treats before they expire is a different question.
Quinn Snacks says that once its pretzels make their way out of its factories, they last for 10 months, whereas Campbell's states that its signature pretzel pieces last for slightly over 8 months. Most manufacturers report their pretzels to have an expiration date, but they're still safe to eat after that date passes, as it’s more about how fresh your pretzels taste when you bite into them.
Peanut butter pretzels likely won’t go bad until they show signs of discoloration or mold growth, but they may taste stale or rancid after an extended period of time. To keep your pretzels fresh for a longer time frame, store the jar in a cool and dry place in your pantry and keep its lid screwed on tight.