crab rangoon
What's The Distinction Between Classic Wontons And Crab Rangoon?
By Julia Mullaney
On the surface, wontons and crab Rangoon are similar dishes. They're both a form of dumpling (essentially, a dough pocket) stuffed with some kind of filling.
Traditional crab Rangoon has a specific filling of crab meat and cream cheese, while wontons can have more variety.
Classic wontons typically contain a mixture of shrimp and seasoned ground pork with garlic and can be pan-fried, deep-fried, or steamed. They can also be filled with vegetables.
Crab Rangoon is often fully fried, making it crispy all around. It can be filled with imitation or real crab meat in addition to cream cheese.
Imitation crab meat has a milder taste and a more affordable price point, so it's popular among Chinese restaurants. Green onions are often added, as well as soy sauce and sugar.