Photo taken in Plestan, France
What's The Difference Between Shrimp And Prawns?
By Nick Johnson
Scarce is the modern day seafood eater who hasn’t been confronted with the question of whether to serve their pasta with shrimp or prawns. The two crustaceans are related, but there are several surprising distinctions between them, and they aren't even the same species.
While both animals have exoskeletons, 10 legs, and are classified under the taxonomic order Decapoda, shrimp belong to the Pleocyemata suborder while prawns are Dendrobranchiata. Additionally, shrimp have only one pair of clawed legs compared to a prawn’s three, and the two animals also have vastly different reproduction habits that help set them apart.
Prawns are larger than shrimp, are primarily a freshwater species, and have a sweeter taste, while most shrimp live in saltwater, which gives them a brinier, more savory taste. Despite their differences, whether you toss a shrimp or a prawn into your next seafood boil, you’re still making a healthy and delicious choice.