STREAMWOOD, IL - JANUARY 12:  A shopper stocks up on merchandise at a Sam's Club store on January 12, 2018 in Streamwood, Illinois. The store is one of more 60 sheduled to close nationwide by the end of January.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
What's The Difference Between Sam's Club And Costco Memberships?
By Brianna Corley
While Sam's Club beats Costco in terms of offering name brands at lower prices, Costco outdoes Sam's when it comes to organic groceries. However, it really comes down to what the stores' memberships offer and at what price.
Costco’s “Gold Star” and Sam’s “Club” are the basic tier memberships, with Sam’s charging $45 a year, compared to Costco's $60. As for the highest tier programs, Sam’s Plus goes for $100, while Costco’s Executive membership is $120.
Sam's "Club" members get free delivery and curbside pickup on orders of or above $12, and its "Plus" shoppers get the chance to shop in the store up to three hours before Club members. Costco's "Gold Star" membership offers free two-day shipping on orders above $75, with their "Executive" membership offering 2% rewards up to $1000 — which is $500 more than Sam's Plus’ offer on the same percentage.