Belgian waffles with caramel syrup on a dark background. food is levitation. belgian waffles levitation
What's The Difference Between Regular Waffles And Belgian Waffles?
By Cynthia Anaya
Belgian waffles are similar to regular waffles in that they both have the same checkered impression pattern with pockets, but there are a few key differences between the two. These differences include the ingredients, appearance and texture, and the type of waffle iron used to make them.
Belgian-born waffle truck owner Thomas Degeest states that Belgian waffles should be made from scratch, not from a box like other waffles commonly are. Belgian waffles require high-quality flour, real vanilla extract, lots of butter, high-quality crunchy pearl sugar, and yeast as the leavening agent rather than baking powder.
The yeasted batter used to make Belgian waffles produces thick, fluffy waffles. Belgian waffles are crispier thanks to the pearl sugar that caramelizes when heated, and in Belgium, they typically have no toppings and are eaten on the go as street food.
A waffle maker for Belgian waffles needs to have deep grooves to give the yeast batter enough room to rise, whereas other waffle makers have more shallow grooves. However, many waffle makers sold in the United States are suitable for Belgian waffles, even if they don't explicitly state so.