Pflaumenernte in Sachsen Anhalt / Obsthof Süßer See Aseleben  / durch späten Frost und Hagelschäden   gibt es 2017 eine schlechte Pflaumenernte ca. 40 Prozent Ernteverlust
Sorte Cacaks Schöne
Foto: Pflaumen der Sorte Cacaks Schöne   (Photo by Schellhorn/ullstein bild via Getty Images)
What's The Difference Between Plums And Prunes?
By Aimee Lamoureux
Prunes are known for their high fiber content, and plums contain high doses of Vitamin A and C, but even though these nutrient-rich fruits come from the same family, they are actually not the same thing. While it is true that prunes are a type of dried plum, not all plums can be turned into prunes.
According to The Difference Between, prunes come from a very specific variety of plum, one that has an easily-removable pit. Prunes also differ in color from other plum varieties, bearing a rich blue or purple hue, rather than the deep red color of other ripe plums, and they have an oval shape, while plums are usually rounder.
Plums are usually eaten fresh, while dried prunes are made when the specific prune variety of plum is harvested, pitted, dried, and steamed. Only the variety of plum that can undergo this dehydration process without fermenting can be turned into a prune.