Concept photo. Collecting wine from a bunch of white grapes hanging from a vine.
What's The Difference Between Organic And Biodynamic Wine?
By Jennifer Sweenie
While organic wines use organically grown grapes and avoid synthetic chemicals in winemaking, biodynamic wines go a step further to ensure a self-sustaining ecosystem on the farm.
The definition of organic may vary slightly across continents, but there are strict criteria attached to the biodynamic label from the independent Demeter Association.
The difference lies in the long game — organic farming may skew toward the consumer's preferences for health, while biodynamic farming looks out for the planet as a whole.
For example, besides eliminating synthetic chemicals, biodynamic farming also applies sprays made from natural substances that enhance the health of crops and the environment.
Per Barbara Gross of Cooper Mountain Vineyards, "Biodynamic farmers [...] place a strong emphasis on the soil [...] adding herbs, minerals, and manure to enhance the vitality."