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What's The Difference Between Jif Peanut Butter And Skippy
Peanut Butter?
By Katy Canada
Peanut Butter sandwiches are easy, quick, flavorful, and synonymous with childhood. The most popular peanut butter brands in the U.S. are Jif and Skippy, and although they are similar, there are some discernible differences.
Some people who are loyal to one brand versus the other say there is a noticeable difference in the peanut butter taste. Jif uses mono and diglycerides as an emulsifier, which extends the product's shelf life, and they also use molasses, while Skippy uses sugar.
Jif is slightly more expensive than Skippy, and Skippy has 10 more milligrams of sodium, one more gram of sugar, and half a milligram less saturated fat than Jif. A blind taste test by Brand Informers revealed Skippy was preferred over Jif, because it tastes more like “real peanut butter.”