Golden beer with bubbles in a transparent glass on the background of the interior.
What's The Difference Between IPA And Double IPA?
By Elaina Friedman
If you want to drink a beer with significantly more hops, Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) are a perfect choice. However, not all IPAs are created equal, and regular IPAs and double IPAs have a key difference that is important to know before ordering your next pale ale.
A double IPA is exactly what it sounds like: an IPA with extra hops. While the single IPA was invented by British sailors, the double IPA — also known as the imperial IPA — was invented in the U.S. to satisfy the palettes of hops lovers.
In addition to more bitterness, a double IPA usually has a richer texture than a single IPA, as well as a caramel flavor thanks to added malt. In addition, since they take twice as long to brew, double IPAs typically contain more alcohol than single IPAs.