Orange cocktail in a coupe glass
What's The Difference Between Coupe And Martini Glasses?
By Haldan Kirsch
Different alcohols go in different-shaped glasses to enhance the olfactory experience by directing smells towards or away from the nose of the drinker. Two glasses that might get confused are the coupe and martini glasses since both have similar shapes, but they also have a few slight differences.
The coupe is a stemmed drinking vessel with a rounded bowl-like shape that rises into high straight walls, which makes it ideal for opening up aromatic cocktails with a slight swirl. Meanwhile, the v-shaped martini glass has steep, angular walls that make it a much easier vessel, since just a slight tip of the glass is enough to take a proper sip.
Another big difference between the two glasses is the size of the drinks they hold. Martini glasses hold an average of eight ounces or more of gin and vermouth, while coupe glasses can only hold about five and a half ounces of a drink like a classic rye Manhattan, making them the lighter of the two vessels.