Traditional chickpeas cooked in tajine. The Kasbah. Chefchaouen. the blue pearl. village northeast of Morocco. North Africa. Africa. (Photo by: Eddy Buttarelli/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
What's The Difference Between Chickpeas And Garbanzo Beans?
By Camryn Teder
Imagine you want to make a healthy crispy chickpea snack at home, but the only thing available are cans of garbanzo beans. The picture on the can might look like chickpeas, but here are the facts about what chickpeas are so you never falter in the face of garbanzo beans again. 
Although they have different names, garbanzo beans and chickpeas are the same food, and they are often confused as the legume has many different varieties. The Kabuli variety is typically labeled as garbanzo beans, while the desi variety is usually referred to as chickpeas, but the vitamin content and taste remain the same even though their size and color differ.
Chickpeas are a healthy protein-packed food, perfect for getting some extra vitamins and nutrients, particularly for vegans and vegetarians, and they can be turned into anything from flour, burgers, dips, and soups. The interchangeable names could also be confusing as garbanzo is the Spanish term for chickpeas, while "chickpea" is commonly used as an English phrase.