Soup with chicken, noodles, potatoes, quail egg and carrots. Seasoned with onions and parsley. Close-up.
What's The Difference Between Chicken Powder And Bouillon?
By Kalea Martin
Unless you buy the paste, chicken bouillon is almost always sold in powdered form, and that's why you might assume it's the same thing as chicken powder. While both can be reconstituted as chicken broth with the addition of water, they're comprised of a different mix of ingredients that result in a noticeably different taste.
In terms of differences, chicken is the main flavor in chicken powder, whereas for chicken bouillon, the ingredients list includes onion, garlic, celery, and parsley that are listed before chicken. Poultry is a secondary flavor in chicken bouillon, and you can make a fine substitute with just nutritional yeast, salt, turmeric, dried onion, garlic, parsley, oregano, thyme, and basil.
When it comes to recipes, chicken powder has a more chicken-forward flavor, while chicken bouillon is great for veggies, aromatics, and adding herbs to a dish. Therefore, if you want to build your own flavors, chicken powder is ideal, but if you plan to add herbs like parsley, oregano, and thyme, chicken bouillon may be the better choice.