Spritz veneziano, an aperitif cocktail with Prosecco, bitter, soda, ice and red orange on the marble table , pop art style. Surreal atmosphere
What's The Best Type Of Glass For Prosecco?
By Camryn Teder
Prosecco is a fermented Italian white wine that makes for a heightened drinking experience whether you buy it for a celebratory toast or just to feel a little fancy on your night in. The floral-smelling drink has four levels of sweetness, with Brut being the driest and Demi-Sec the sweetest.
That being said, you may miss out on one of Prosecco's best features if you're drinking it in the wrong glass. To match the sweet, fairy-like qualities of the Italian white wine, most people agree that the bubbly drink is best served in a tulip wine glass because of the cup's wide rim, which allows its aromatics to shine.
The tapered rim of a tulip wine glass allows you to enjoy the heavenly smells of the drink and prevents Prosecco's bubbles from dissipating too quickly. While the beverage definitely belongs in a tulip glass no matter which variety you prefer, a white wine glass is a good runner-up if you don’t have one available.