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What's The Best Type Of Glass
For Gin?
By Chandler Phillips
It may seem like the obvious choice for a cocktail, but the martini glass is clumsy, ostentatious, and often not the best for gin. To know what glass is best, you should consider the kind of gin you're working with and the kind of cocktail it's intended for.
If you want to focus on the gin on its own, Stranger & Sons Gin partner Dimi Lezinska suggests that the best glass is a tulip snifter, as it "concentrates aromas at the bottom and directs those aromas softly to the nose." These glasses also allow you to swirl the spirit, thereby accessing more subtle levels of taste and smell.
A highball glass works well if you’re having a classic London dry gin and tonic, as it provides a narrow mouth to retain carbonation — though you can also use a balloon glass to prioritize ice retention. For something like a martini or gimlet, a coupe glass may work better than a martini glass, as the rounded bowl is less prone to spilling.