Manhatan cocktail with Manhatan skyline at background.
What's The Best Type Of Glass For A Manhattan?
By Gregory Lovvorn
A Manhattan consists of only three ingredients — whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters — but there are many variations, with some even opting for rum over whiskey. Thankfully, a Manhattan is one of those drinks that you almost have to try to mess up.
There is no wrong way to serve a Manhattan, which makes it difficult to define what the definitive Manhattan glass should be. You can serve them as you would any straight whiskies, but some like a Manhattan on the rocks or a Manhattan Martini.
Many like using martini glasses for Manhattans, but since they spill easily, some favor a champagne coupe or even use a lowball or rocks glass. There are even specially designed Manhattan glasses on the market that look like overgrown shot/martini glasses.