Macro shot tiny bubbles forming in golden lager beer
What's The Best Type Of Glass
For A Lager?
By Chandler Phillips
In the world of beer, there is a variety of glassware designed to bring out the best of your beer, since glass shape affects the retention of carbonation, smell, and appearance. With the prominence of lagers in modern beer culture, you may wonder which glass is perfect for them, and what makes that glass better than a bottle or can.
Flute glasses are preferred for the majority of lagers, as the tall, narrow glass showcases color and clarity and enhances the aromas of lighter, more nuanced lagers and pilsners. The shape of the glass both allows for sediments to settle at the bottom and controls excessive foaming at the head.
There are a few exceptions, as dunkelweizen and weizenbock beers are best showcased in a weizen glass where the full-bodied aromas can be held in the bulb of the vase. Meanwhile, fest beers like märzen lagers served in high volume are served in thick-walled mugs to stay cold longer.