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What's The Best Secret Ingredient To Thicken Soup?
By Elaina Friedman
Soup is a great comfort food and is also very simple, but sometimes it can become too watery. If you’ve had this problem, we’ve got a trick for thickening your soup.
If you've ever made Panzanella salad, a delightful Tuscan-style tomato and bread dish, you know that bread plays a starring role in the salad. Similarly, bread can add body to any soup and turn it into a hearty and delicious meal.
Epicurious calls bread "the secret to thicker, heartier soups," adding that “thickening soups with bread is an easy way to add texture and bulk.” You can achieve this by putting a slice of bread at the bottom of each serving bowl, stirring breadcrumbs into the pot, or throwing in “big hunks of bread” while the soup simmers.