Two glasses of martini cocktail garnished with green olives
What's The Actual Difference Between A Dirty And Filthy Martini?
By Natasha Brooks
A martini is traditionally made with gin and vermouth, but over the years, vodka has become increasingly popular as a substitute for gin. Martinis can fit your taste like a tailored glove, but tradition and current trends aside, if you want a surefire way to make your date blush you can order your martini in three ways: dirty, extra dirty, or filthy.
A dirty martini has a splash of olive brine, usually about one part brine to two parts vermouth, while an extra dirty martini is made with an amount of olive brine that's about equal to the amount of vermouth. A filthy martini can be made so that the olive brine completely replaces the vermouth, though some recipes keep a little vermouth around.
There are plenty of other martini variations to try, like dry and wet martinis; the former contains less dry vermouth, and the latter has more. If you don’t like dry vermouth, ordering a sweet martini will swap it out for sweet vermouth, and if you do not like olives, you can get a Gibson martini with a pickled onion instead.