Chocolate round cookies isolated on white background
What's Going On With TikTok's 'Boneless' Chocolate Chip Cookies?
By Kelly Douglas
TikTok’s "boneless" chocolate chip cookies lack a key ingredient from the recipe for a stripped-down version people are eager to try. These cookies require an extra step that everyday chocolate chip cookies don't, but according to TikTok bakers, they’re worth trying if you're a "dessert purist" with a sweet tooth.
"Boneless" chocolate chip cookies have everything regular chocolate chip cookies do, but with a major twist — you often won't find a single chocolate chip in this type of cookie. Although there's a slight debate as to whether "boneless" means "soft and gooey in the middle" or "completely free of chocolate chips," many TikTok users skip the chocolate chips entirely.
Many "boneless" chocolate chip recipes involve using a pre-packaged cookie mix, mixing the other ingredients together, and sifting it all through a sieve or strainer until the chocolate chips are left behind. The flavors of a "boneless" chocolate chip cookie are up to interpretation, but the cookies are typically baked to be crispy on the edges and soft in the middle.