Salmon. Fresh raw salmon fish fillet on white background
What You Should Know About Aldi's Fresh Fish Selection
By Stacie Adams
When it comes to meats and seafood, Aldi doesn't sacrifice quality for affordability. It offers its customers a diverse selection of fresh fish, varying from location to location.
Aldi never freezes its fresh fish selection and greatly emphasizes sustainability. The chain explains where its fish are caught so consumers can make responsible choices.
Aldi's website claims its fresh fish selection is exclusive and sourced from "responsibly managed fisheries and farms" to prevent the ill effects of overfishing on aquatic life.
When it comes to fish sourced from the wild, Aldi reports information about its partnerships with those fisheries to the Ocean Disclosure Project.
Currently, the chain features sustainability certifications from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Better Aquaculture Practice, GlobalG.A.P., and many others.
This shows that Aldi takes sustainability seriously when it comes to the fish and seafood products it sells in its stores, which are always fresh (and never previously frozen).