hands using a bowl scraper to divide a ball of dough
What You Need To Look For When Buying A Bowl Scraper
By Haldan Kirsch
There’s always a brand-new overly priced kitchen gadget trending in the culinary world, but there
are also affordable gems that
are kitchen must-haves.
One of these gadgets is the small, but mighty bowl scraper, a kitchen tool usually seen in bakeries and often becoming a baker’s best friend.
Professional baker Clarice Lam told Epicurious that the best of these little guys are the D-shaped ones with durable silicone centers and more flexible edges.
A silicone bowl scraper allows you to scrape down any bowl shape and gives you the control that will make your bowl scraper feel like an extension of your hand.
This inexpensive tool provides more leverage when handling difficult dough and does everything that you would do with your hands, with more efficiency and less mess.
The flat side of the blade is also great for evening out frosting, or it can double as a bench scraper to move chopped ingredients to a pan or scraps to the trash.