Cross section of Cantaloupe melon flat lay
What You Need To Know Before Making An Attempt To Cut A Cantaloupe
By Allie Sivak
If you're preparing cantaloupe for a crowd and will eat it within a few days, feel free to slice it up, but to extend its life, refrain from cutting the whole thing.
Due to cantaloupe’s high sugar and moisture content, once exposed to air, it’s susceptible to spoilage and will only last about five days when sliced (or three when cubed).
To cut a whole melon, cut off both ends to create a flat surface and then carefully use a knife to slice the peel from top to bottom before cutting it in half and cubing as normal.
To save part of the melon and help it last longer, slice it down the middle and save half of it (with the seeds left intact) by tightly covering it in plastic or beeswax wrap.
To extend the life of your melon before even cutting into it, transfer the melon directly to the fridge as soon as it's ripe, where it can last for up to 21 days.