Olive Garden restaurant storefront
What You Need To Know Before Getting Dessert At Olive Garden
By Elizabeth Thorn
While, it's unclear whether Olive Garden makes its own desserts, the chain's desserts are frozen until ready to serve instead of being served fresh like their soups.
Despite this, Olive Garden's desserts maintain their quality. Freezing desserts is a common practice in the restaurant industry, as they aren't profitable or ordered frequently.
Economics professor Tyler Cowen says, "It's hard to make money on desserts in the restaurant business today. I don't think many [restaurants] benefit when people order them."
Though all their desserts are frozen, some are better than others. For example, a former Olive Garden employee stated that the Dolcini is overpriced and not very flavorful.
Alternatively, an exclusive poll conducted by Mashed claimed that the Sicilian Cheesecake was Olive Garden diners' favorite, likely due to its creamy texture and tangy taste.
The least-loved dessert on the menu was the Chocolate Brownie Lasagna. Inspired by its savory counterpart, diners deemed the eight-layer dish too heavy after a carb-loaded meal.