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What You Need To Know
About Costco's
'Go-Back' Cart
By Mikala Lugen
Most of us, at some point, have stocked our shopping carts with things we want, and then changed our minds on certain items during the shopping trip. Thankfully, Costco has a whole cart dedicated to your changed mind.
Costco’s "go-back" carts are usually located near the check-out registers and allow customers to put any items they don't want anymore in them. “It is way better and easier on us if you put the item in the 'go-back' cart at the register or bring the item with you to checkout and just let us know you don't want it anymore," Tess Robison, a Costco employee said.
"It's especially annoying when members leave cold or frozen items in hidden places and by the time an employee finds it the item has spoiled," Robison confessed. Think of the handy go-back cart as just another benefit that comes along with holding a Costco membership, making it easier for both customers and employees.