386708 03: FILE PHOTO: McDonald''s famous golden arch sign is displayed in front of a restraunt March 14, 2001 in Boston, MA. An 11 year-old Detroit boy, Vincent Ingram, filed a $1 million lawsuit against McDonald''s Corp July 3, after he allegedy ate part of a cheeseburger that was infested with maggots, his lawyer said. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)
What We Know About The World's Worst McDonald's
By Christine Barba
When you think about McDonald's, you may envision the Golden Arches, Happy Meals, or even the Hamburglar, yet not all customers walk away with happy memories. Many locations have received bad Yelp reviews for overflowing trash and kids walking on tables, but the McDonald’s on Rideau Street in Ottawa, Canada takes the cake when it comes to bad customer experiences.
While some are calling this Canadian location "the world's worst McDonald's," Ottawa's Police Chief once provided another nickname: A "beacon of chaos." One year, police received 800 calls from this franchise alone, and the restaurant has gone viral more than once for fights with odd choices of weaponry.
The Rideau restaurant went viral in 2013 when a customer pulled a raccoon out of his jacket during a fight, and another viral video showed patrons battling with “wet floor” signs. Additionally, one Tripadvisor reviewer said, “It's so dirty and smelly and you never know if you'll make it out alive."
All of the chaos was enough to motivate Police Chief Charles Bordeleau to write the President and CEO of McDonald's Canada, and the store’s hours were reduced. It wasn’t enough though, as the owner of the building, Peter Crosthwaite, says the franchise owner decided not to begin another lease in April, citing several reasons.