Brussels: Outlet of Godiva, a manufacturer of premium fine Belgian chocolates, truffles, and holiday gifts, at Manneken Pis branch in Brussels, Belgium
What Type Of Alcohol Is Used In Godiva Chocolate Liqueur?
By Lauren Wood
Born out of Belgium and named after the legendary Anglo-Saxon Lady Godiva, Godiva has become one of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers, and they’re known for their velvety chocolate pralinés, renowned truffles, and — as of the early 1990s — their chocolate liqueur. What exactly is this liqueur made of, and why has it been kept such a secret?
Only a true Godiva Chocolatier knows for certain what comprises Godiva chocolate liqueur, but it’s assumed that it involves a mild vodka-like spirit that lacks a bold or sharp taste. Because Godiva uses high-quality ingredients to craft their chocolates, this makes their liqueur equally smooth — almost silky — with a resting ABV of 15%.
The three flavors sold on the shelves are white, dark, and milk chocolate, and each offer their own unique blend of flavor profiles. While the milk chocolate tastes like a liquified chocolate bar, the white and dark chocolate have more complex flavor profiles.