Morchellaceae. Ascomycota
What To Know Before You Try Morel Mushrooms For The First Time
By Jennifer Waldera
Morel mushrooms are savory and contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Research has revealed that they have immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.
It's often recommended that first-time foragers seek assistance from an expert, as morels are one of many mushrooms with poisonous look-alikes.
These honeycomb-shaped mushrooms grow near ash, elm, aspen, poplar, cottonwood, oak, and apple trees. They can be light or darker colored and are often hard to spot on the ground.
When buying morels, look for some that are plump and not too dry or soft to ensure they're fresh. Pick the darker ones if you're a fan of earthy, nutty flavors.
Since eating raw morels can cause an upset stomach, cook them thoroughly. They are great when sauteed or breaded and can be paired with potstickers, proteins, and savory crepes.
After foraging or purchasing morels, use them as quickly as possible, as their hollow center contributes to quick deterioration. Be sure to rinse them with cold water before use.
If they're very dirty, soak them in salted water and rinse them. Dry them quickly to avoid water absorption, store them in a paper bag, and use them within a few days.