top view of mashed potatoes with garlic and herbs
What To Be Aware Of When Making Mashed Potatoes In The Slow Cooker
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
Although using a slow cooker allows for less active, hands-on monitoring, it doesn't always mean you can set it and completely forget it — especially when making mashed potatoes.
If you're cooking potatoes for an extended period of time, caramelization or browning may happen, particularly where the dairy comes in contact with the sides of the pot.
When the milk comes in contact with heat for an extended period of time, a process called the Maillard reaction occurs, caramelizing and browning its sugar and amino acids.
While this won't affect the final product's taste, it will affect the appearance of the potatoes, so be sure to stir more frequently or remove the brown bits towards the end.
The caramelization can give your mashed potatoes a rich flavor. If you don't mind the appearance, cook your potatoes on high heat, as low might not be enough to brown the milk.