grilled bone-in pork chops on a black plate with lemon slice and parsley on a wood table with cutlery, vertical view from above
What Part Of The Pig Is A Pork Chop?
By Haldan Kirsch
The pig is the most commonly eaten animal around the world, which makes sense since it can be cut and prepared in so many different ways. If you’re going to cook pork chops — that versatile, tender, and most popular cut — correctly though, it's best to understand what kind of meat you're using, and where it comes from on a pig.
Running between the pig’s shoulder and leg is the pork loin, where you’ll find the pork chop. Several different types of pork chops come from the loin, but the most common is the rib chop, with its signature curving rib bone and strip of fat; most boneless pork chops on the market will be a rib chop that has been deboned.
Other kinds of pork chops include the blade chop, which is closer to the pig’s shoulder; the center cut chop, containing meat from the loin and extra lean tenderloin; and the sirloin chop, located closest to the pork leg. Whichever chop you choose, the loin is known for being a tender and lean cut that easily dries out, so treat it with gentle heat and a close eye.