Pizzeria Uno as seen in Chicago January 20, 2010. The parent of the Uno Chicago Grill pizza chain has filed for bankruptcy after sales fell and ingredient costs rose, and said it agreed on a restructuring that would give bondholders a controlling stake.  (Photo by John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images)
What Makes Uno Pizzeria's Second Location Totally Unique
By Nico Danilovich
Uno Pizzeria dates back to the mid-20th century, and with it, their incredible deep-dish pizza, which became a Chicagoan icon. Although the now-nationwide company has endured changes of leadership, a midlife crisis, and cutting-edge plans, the original location naturally stands out for its creativity; however, its sister site stands out for one charming reason.
It may seem rather obvious, but "uno" means "one," and "due" is "two" in Italian — so when Pizzeria Uno did well, founders Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo counted upward, unveiling Pizzeria Due in a Victorian mansion kitty-corner from the first location. Since expanding nationwide, other Uno Pizzeria locations are not named in this numerically Italian manner, meaning Pizzeria Due retains its unique place in the franchise’s history.
Pizzeria Due symbolizes Uno Pizzeria's growth, bridging the gap between the chain's past and future as the restaurant has remained unchanged since its inception. While the original Pizzeria Uno will primarily go down in history as the birthplace of deep dish, Pizzeria Due has represented expansion from the start, now symbolizing a return to form for the business.