Still life close-up of freshly baked chocolate brownies resting on a wire rack
What Makes Layered Brownies Unique (And
So Delicious)?
By Kelly Douglas
Brownies with multiple layers of ingredients are currently trending on TikTok, and all you need to make them are brownie batter and two additional ingredients. One TikTok user mentioned all of the "words of affirmation" she got when she shared her layered brownies with her friends, proving that the brownies both look sophisticated and taste delicious.
To recreate TikTok’s layered brownies, spread Biscoff evenly over parchment paper and then spread Nutella over another square of parchment paper. Freeze both spreads and make your brownie batter in the meantime, or you can use store-bought brownie batter.
Then, spread a layer of the brownie batter evenly over the pan, top it with the frozen Nutella, spread another layer of batter, and then top it with the frozen Biscoff. Add one more layer of brownie batter to the top, stick it all in the oven, and enjoy your brownies once they are done cooking and cooled off.