What Makes Latkes Different From Potato Pancakes?
By Julia Mullaney
Latkes and potato pancakes have plenty in common, and the most obvious similarity between the two is that they are both made from potatoes. While the two foods originated in different parts of Europe, there are a few distinct ways that latkes differ from potato pancakes, and it mostly boils down to the ingredients and texture.
The preparation of potato pancakes is simpler than Latkes, as it involves fewer ingredients. Raw potatoes are grated, wrung, and mixed with finely grated onions — which are optional — to prepare potato pancakes, and then mixed with eggs and flour to help the pancakes bind and crisp up when fried.
While the cooking process remains the same for latkes, it involves more than just potatoes. Latke recipes include baking powder as an essential ingredient and other optional ingredients like milk, onions, and matzo meal — breadcrumbs made from ground matzo — that give latkes a different texture than potato pancakes.