Gin and Tonic Alcohol drink with Lime, Rosemary and ice on rustic black table.
What Makes A Spanish Gin And Tonic Different From The Classic?
By Nic Dobija-Nootens
The Spanish realized the gin and tonic's true potential centuries ago, and they have since developed their own carefully-considered regional twist that's definitely worth a sip.
A Spanish gin and tonic is all about finding ways to elevate the taste of the ingredients, beginning with high-quality, fresh tonic water to complement the gin's flavor.
The gin doesn't need to be Spanish but should be floral, herbaceous, and interesting. Add an extra ingredient, such as bitters or liqueur, to play up the gin's flavor.
A Spanish gin and tonic is typically served in a copa glass, which looks like an exceptionally round wine glass that allows the aromas from the gin, tonic, and bitters to bloom.
It's also tradition to serve this drink with plenty of ice cubes to stay cool on a hot day, as well as fruit or herb garnishes to add visual flair.