Boozy Refreshing New York Sour in a Coup Glass
What Makes A New York Sour Cocktail Different From A Whiskey Sour?
By Nico Danilovich
With its delicious taste and history of preparation that dates back to 1870, it's hard not to automatically imagine a Whiskey Sour when you think of a sour cocktail. Its basic components of whiskey, citrus, and simple syrup make the Whiskey Sour easily adaptable, resulting in its delicious and artistic counterpart: The New York Sour.
The essential components of a Whiskey Sour and a New York Sour are very similar, containing whiskey, citrus, and simple syrup. However, the key ingredient that makes a New York Sour stand out in an almost autumn-like fashion is the addition of red wine to give the drink a distinct aroma and color.
Following the usual Whiskey Sour ingredients, you top off the drink with a fruity and dry red wine poured down a bar spoon so it can float on the drink in its signature style. While we’ve seen numerous renditions of the Whiskey Sour that have included the Amaretto Sour or the Boston Sour, the New York Sour stands out for its fall-like aesthetic.